About Us



To be the region’s leading narrative creator, developing creative content across various sectors and target groups.


At its core, Content.Plus stands as the main channel through which a brand’s narrative is created and communicated. Founded in 2016, Content.Plus seeks to produce and distribute quality content across the MENA region. Our founder comes with a rich portfolio and expertise in the fields of media production, PR, and publishing, coupled by solid relations with relevant regional and international institutions.

Our business philosophy is one that strives to strategize content. We produce content and publish it in all its forms, including electronic, printing, audible, and visual, through a variety of platforms, including satellite, broadcast, and online channels. We develop our content through a combination of in-house expertise with local talent, regional strategic partnerships, and international best practices.

Our philosophy is based on the trust of our clients, an awareness of our community’s needs, and a commitment to constantly challenge our understanding of reality. We believe in the importance of human talent, the power of communication, and the need to invest in emerging skills and talents and trends in our community.

We believe in the importance of partnerships and cooperation with similar-minded entities to collaborate elevate the standards of content production and PR services throughout the region