Anas El Fekky

Founder and CEO - Content.plus

El Fekky runs Content.Plus, overseeing its operations and ensuring its expansion across the region. Having served as the Egyptian Minister of Information for eight years, with additional posts held in the fields of media and governance, El Fekky manages Content.Plus with strategic vision, with an emphasis on high quality.

He specializes in political coaching and media advising to local and international media platforms, emerging talent, aspiring politicians, and prominent individuals. Furthermore, he provides advanced training programs on public speaking, crisis management and media relations.

In the past, El Fekky led for the revamp of the Egyptian state television and major public and private broadcasting channels. He has managed the design, execution and operations of nation-scale campaigns for cultural literacy, tourism promotion and active political participation.

He was also a publisher, distributor and ghostwriter for over a decade, leading the publishing for key educational content and non-fiction literature, especially biographies.


I launched Content.Plus during a time of transformation in the world of content – a time when the interplay between technology, content, and media production began its rapid evolution and growth. Now is the right time to embark on high-quality, transformative content production and PR efforts.

My journey with public office, publishing, PR, crisis management, and campaigning supported my decision to launch Content.Plus. In 2015, I took a step back and realized it was the time to bring together my accumulated knowledge into one main entity; an entity that strives to produce the highest level of content in the region.

My vision is to create a unique narrative for every brand, through creating content that is compatible with our unique culture, addresses key social issues, and entertains and resonates with our audiences.

I believe in the potential of the region. I believe in the opportunities available in this industry, as much as I believe in the power of creativity, which will support Content.Plus to elevate the standards of media and content production across the region. I know this is what awaits us and I am committed to making it happen